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to be moderated by mike lucks and tonya tarr. we are going to be asking for questions through twitter. you can use the hash tag, dean and end or right it down on pieces of paper and there will be people going around and collecting them. so mike, who is one of the moderators, is -- he worked on the obama transition team as a liaison to the progressive community, he worked in the clinton administration, and he co-founded the wonderful blog, open left. tonya is the director of legislative and political mobilization with the texas american federation of teachers. and she has previously worked for afsme-cio. so without further ado, i would like to introduce my friend, dr. howard dean. >> thank you. >> thank you. >> do you want to start with some opening remarks. >> sure. i'm really looking forward to this. let me just say a couple things. first of all, the people in this room are going to be the most important people in america over the next 8 to 10 weeks while we get this thing done, because we're seeing extraordinary things being said that are flatout not true, there's maliciously untrue and the onl
's get on to our first guest of the show. joining us, paul day and makio camada from lgt capital. let's start by talking with, well, both of you about what's going on with this inflation/deflation picture. paul, let's start with you. do you believe we're in an inflationary or deflationary environment at the moment? >> well, i think that the inflation seem to be the ones that shout the loudest. my view is going forward for the next half of the year, deflation will be the big problem. it's something we've never seen in the west historically. so i don't think people have the perception of what deflation can do for the economy. if you look at the household deleverage, it's going to carry on going on in the united states. i feel that the deflation argument will continue. if you look at things, for example, the length of unemployment in the states seems at the highest level since 1958. we've got many, many mortgage resets coming along at a time when real bond yields are at their highest level since around 1994. i think we will have sluggish rates. >> paul, where do you stand? >> i think i m
in other words, dealing with one problem here as opposed to 100 problems is what you are asking us to do. >> please. >> thank you for coming. my question would be, what could you do to get the government out of our lives and let us use our god-given ability and talent to make things better for everyone. >> i suppose the easiest answer would be just to vote no on new programs. i think there are a lot of things out there already this year than to have the pill. .. i have found it easier to stop -- to cause problems for not getting larger and not establishing new problems and i found it to do with older programs. programs. being a person wants to limit government, i found the best way to do it was through the taxing policy. if you limit the money coming into the federal treasury, you will limit what can be spent to some extent. you are still having overspending. i do not by the principal that an increase the dollar of taxes is a dollar reduction in expenditures -- in the deficit. a dollar increase in taxes does not result in a dollar decrease in deficits. what it results in is probabl
with the very latest tonight. what can you tell us. >>reporter: well we are live at the corner of north calvert and east meddle street. people who live in the neighborhood call it a dangerous intersection. they say car accidents happen here frequently and of course the latest crash involved michael phelps. now police say a woman driving a honda accord ran a red light and crashed into phelps cadillac escalade suv. now it happened just before 9:00 o'clock last night. police say the honda driver was shaken up. a witness snapped this picture of phelps at the scene sitting on the ground talking with police. he was not hurt. and neither were the 2 passengers. now witnesses say the impact struck the parked car and took out a mailbox at the corner. man walking his dog saw the crash and phelps when he stepped out of the vehicle. >> he was holding his back and limping but they offered himmel attention he said no i'm actually fine. he was walking around bare foot which i thought was a little odd but he was all right. >>reporter: now in 2004 phelps pled guilty to drunk driving charge. mar
in the u.s. surpassing credit card transactions for the first time ever. but as stephanie dhue reports, for consumers, the trend has its pluses and minuses. >> reporter: josh clark is among the increasing number of americans who are choosing debit over credit. he made the switch three months ago, after maxing out his credit card while starting a designer jean business. >> i realized if i put something on my credit card, i'm going to be paying interest on it until i can fully repay it. >> reporter: tight credit is also encouraging more debit card use. and consumers are using it to manage their money. clark says it helps him control spending. >> i check my bank account more frequently than i check my credit card account, so i'm more in tune with how much money i have to spend. >> reporter: as debit card use surpasses credit cards that presents new challenges for both consumers and regulators. debit cards come with fewer built-in protections. consumer advocate ed mierzwinski warns in the case of a lost or stolen card number, the debit card holder can be on the hook for much more than if a
, what can you tell us at this hour. >> jeff and jennifer, live at north calvert and east bittle. police clearing the scene now it was a two car collision. michael phelps and two passengers were traveling in a black cadillac escalade. a woman was driving the other car. the accident happened just before 9:00 tonight. investigators say phelps was traveling east on bittle. the woman was driving north on calvert. the two vehicles collided. and now police are trying to determine exactly what happened. >> we know that there was a collision. two cars driving and collided at the intersection. we will find out if alcohol was a factor. look at red lights. put it altogether. we are literally talking to them as we speak. >> we are back here live. clearing michael's escalade otto truck, and other vehicle behind it. police are now telling us that alcohol was not a factor. phelps was not hurt. he has been questioned. and released. meantime, paramedics did take the woman to the hospital. as a plea caution. again, a collision here in downtown baltimore. involving michael phelps. a woman is hurt. michael
costing us all.. a lot more in the long run. experts say we're already seeing higher interest rates.. and in the future? possibly even fees on customer service of all things. consumers are already bracing for major changes with their credit cards....considering how card companies are reacting to the tougher rules. i think twice.. if i had 500 dollars.. i ask would i spend cash before i charge it.. i hope a lot of people are.. and you are? absolutely starting next thursday - consumers will see new protections in place... for example, your credit card issuer must notify you in writing 45 days before making changes to the interest rate.. or any other major terms. and companies must mail monthly statments at least 21 days before the bill is due. experts say you should be paying close attention to any mail from your credit card company. "it's important to open it and see what the changes are... if you don't understand them . give a credit card issuer a call and ask them." experts say these new rules on credit card companies are going to affect everyone.. even excellent customers.. are
to another frightening discovery. karen parks joins us with the discovery you are seeing first on on fox tonight. >> ian was shocked that a 17-year-old lifeguard would bite him. his mother said she tried to talk to supervisors at recreation and parks and gave her the run around. now she is afraid he may have terrorized other kids that are too scared to speak up. >> me and smi friends were playing, and we made a house out of foam. >> ian was playing here at the aquatic center in northwest baltimore, july 31. >> then the lifeguard came upstairs, and he messed up our little house. so i went over there and smacked him in the arm. >> he says that 17-year-old lifeguard retaliateed. >> then he picked me up and bit me. >> leaving marks two weeks later. >> it was like having your arm punched together by two rocks very hard. and it just made me want to cry so much. it was so painful. >> i was upset. >> his mother alycia approached the teen. >> he said well i always play with the kids. and i said aren't you supposed to be in the pool? why would you bite him. well he bit me. he pointed to his hand a
very hard to sell his health care plan. there is a lot for us to hear. we have seen across the country. mickey personal experience -- appearances is a great idea. except he is going to up to tell the public what he wants. as of yet, he is not told the public what he wants. instead, rumor is flying everywhere. fear is flying everywhere. and loathing of what ever this plan is is flying everywhere. >> julie, is the problem with the president that he never told us what he wanted? >> he did want to avoid the mistakes of the clinton era and let congress becomes stakeholders by crafting the bill. we have five different bills as a result. no one has really read them. there are rumors, and the white house is lost control. >> a lot of people are running around the country thinking they know what is in the. >> yes, crying and sobbing. it is ridiculous. it is like the immigration and social security debate. it makes you wonder if it will get derailed like those two. >> the you think we will see reform in health care of this congress this year? >> i think it is impossible until now. what we are see
humanitarian, forever changing how the u.s. and the world, in fact, treats people with special needs. the special olympic torch led the procession today into the church, where athletes delivered a welcome that moved mourners to tears. noticeably missing today, eunice's brother, senator ted kennedy. he is nearby at the family compound, battling brain cancer. a spokesman for the family said ted kennedy's schedule is, quote, day to day. and right now, eunice's family and close friends are attending private burialed followed by a lunch at the kennedy family compound and a nearby club. nbc's ann thompson is here with me on the cape. ann, who has known the kennedys so many years, who came from this area and has deep roots here, this is really another one of those moments for hyannis. >> i think so. you saw hundreds of people literally lining south street here, catching -- trying to catch a glimpse of the family. and then when they brought out the casket of eunice kennedy shriver, there was applause. and then as each family drove by for bobby kennedy jr., for caroline kennedy and her family
these days. what is happening? . u.s. steel workers union in a conference call. he claimed that pittsburgh has snagged these big events because of its excellent record in labor and business relations, public/private partnerships -- they went back over the whole they went back over the whole story of our renaissance that 1950's and said it has all led up to today. frankly, there are probably other reasons why we got picked to be the site of the g-20 summit. i still have not figured the not yet, but i am assuming that we are attractive because we are perceived as a green city. we have a convention center which i believe was the first leed-certified convention center in the world. many buildings around town have been greened in that regard, so they are impressed by those efforts by arrest belt city to raise its environmental profile. also, i think barack obama has some pretty fond memories of pittsburgh. in the pennsylvania primary he spent a lot of time here last spring in the state and came to the city a few times. and also we do have a fairly strong labor presence here. i'm just speculatin
. composed of people that primarily are on twitter and facebook or people that use online organizing techniques to organize their community around some kind of issue. host: you are meeting at the the david lawrence convention center in pittsburgh. . >> that basically decide if they want to follow us around. 9÷they are trying to grab onto what we are doing, regardless of which city is in. host: c-span has a presence at both conferences. we will be covering today and tomorrow, some of the panels that are taking place, including a conversation with congressman suspect and arlen specter who will be speaking at the event with the former dnc chairman howard dean. where do you see the netroots movement going into next three- five years? guest: what will happen is that the past seven or so, we have worked on the electric-politics. it has gotten pretty sophisticated. there has been signs among activists and victories and money raised on line. you'll start seeing people translate that into techniques that are effective for governments. getting things like health care passed, getting the cat a
. 202-737-0002 for democrats. we also have a line for independents, and send us a tweed. inside "usa today" the health- care battle bubbling over in town hall forums across the nation this month, shifting to tv screens. if you go to the website, a $12 million edged campaign committee latest wave of ads in support of the president's plan. mike allen joins us. can you explain what this is all about. guest: the $12 million buy, which is the first of tens of millions of dollars of money going out in support of the president's plant is an effort by white house allies to counter all the great coverage we have been seeing on c-span and elsewhere of these raucous town halls. as you know, this is the reversal of the landscape that president clinton faced back in 1993 when the air waves were very much dominated by the opposition. >> this is coming -- host: this is coming at the same time as the net routes meeting in michigan, and "usa to the" is pinning it $57 million in health-care advertising. guest: it is like a presidential campaign if you are in ohio you will see more of the
with us for the next hour. whether or not we are going to get health care reform at last in this country depends now mostly on the united states senate. the top republican in the united states senate on health care reform is this man. >> i think the best thing to do is want to get people to think about ending life, number one, place to start. the physical life. opposed to eternal life. it ought to be done within the family and considered religious and ethical issue and not something politicians need restricted. >> not something politicians deal with. top republican in the senate on the issue of health care. iowa senator chuck grassley and he says what happens at the end of your life is something for -- within your family. not something politicians should deal with. big round of applause for him on that. honestly, though, can you imagine that something as important as a person's circumstances at the capital end would be something politicians would even think they have to right to comment on? let alone intervene in. can you even imagine that? >> extraordinary circumstances like this, it is
shultz is joining us in the studio. here are the top headlines. nbc news obtained dramatic video of the air collision over the hudson river. it's incredibly disturbing to watch. a warning to people. it captured the moment where a plane and helicopter collided and killed all nine board. >>> a final farewell to eunice shriver kennedy. friends and family are gathered today in massachusetts to say good-bye to the 88-year-old humanitarian who is most notably associated with the founding of the special olympics. >>> thousands pay their respects to navy pilot scott speicher who has shot down during the 1991 gulf war and remembered as a hero to his family and his country. >> he represents the best of the best. he was committed to living by a higher standard than most. he honored his family. he honored this community and he truly honored our great nation. >> speicher's remains were just identified a few weeks ago. >>> i want to introduce my co-host this morning. each morning on msnbc live, i welcome someone to join me for the morning. pleased to have back carrie ellerksvelt. what an inter
'll be joined by three of the top political analysts who will tell us whether the president has lost the battle for health care legislation. >>> and chaos in california. from fires to prison riots, a wild animal invasion. did we mention california's massive budget problems? we'll have that special report. >>> we begin tonight with the president taking his taee ing he plans to the west. he was at a town hall meeting in belgrade, montana. the president challenged the way in which television news organizations are covering town hall meetings being covered by congressman. president obama says tv loves a ruckus, as he put it. but the president said nothing new about his health care proposals. ed henry traveling with the president reports from big sky, montana. >> reporter: the president's town hall was gentle by congressional standards, but he did get one pointed question about his health reform plan. >> we keep getting the bull. that's all we get, is bull. you can't tell us how you're going to pay for this. the only way you're going to get that money is to raise our taxes. you said you wouldn't. >>
of the rules. we will never know how much that may have contributed to the accident. it certainly does give us some reason for alarm. one of the problems with aviation safety sometimes is like any other safety situation. it's routine. you look at so much of this every day and nothing ever happens until one day it does. >> jim tillman, appreciate your expertise. thank you, sir. >> thank you. >>> also ahead tonight, getting beyond all the shouting over health care reform while zeroing in on the reasons behind it. what is making so many americans so vocal about changing a system that up until recently a strong majority said needed more government involvement to fix. has the health care debate become a release valve? why all the noise for issues that have nothing to do with health care? hear for yourself from americans who don't like the way things are going. tom foreman met some of them in our "uncovering america" segment. >> just say no! >> reporter: the yelling, the posters, the verbal attacks. is this really all about health care reform? at meeting after meeting, questions are being raised abo
. >> our coverage doesn't end here. go to and tell us what you think and look for the web poll on our home page and posted the entire press conference there for you. >>> out of metro, two bus drivers have been fired. another re-enstated following investigations into several recent incidents. the driver back on the job was accused of talking on the cell phone. spencer said an investigation revealed the driver was calling metro to report a mechanical problem and the bus was not moving. as for the fire driver, one is accused of refusing to let a customer off the bus after a verbal dispute. the other was busted driving a su-- suspended license. >>> another sports star making headlines, gold medal swimmer michael phelps was involved in a car accident in baltimore. he was driving an suv last night when another car ran a red light crashing into him and no one was hurt, alcohol was not a factor in the crash. >>> a former area police chief is going to jail. david baker spent 19 years as alexandrea's police chief and a dui charge ended his career. he plead guilty to drunk driving. k
. that allows you then to use the purchasing power of everybody who's in the exchange to get the best rates from the insurance companies. that right away would drive down the premiums that you'd have to pay. and the second thing we want to do is for employers who are doing the right thing and providing health insurance that is real, then we want to give you a tax break so that it's easier for you to make your bottom line. now, this is something that a lot of small businesses will benefit from. nobody's talking about it. and small businesses are the place where you're seeing the fastest job growth. it makes sense for us to provide this kind of protection. this i guarantee you will end up being an important component of whatever we pass out of washington. all right? i've only got time for one more question. it's a guy's turn, and i want somebody who's got a concern or is skeptical about health care reform. here we go. there we go. i knew we could find a couple here. so, i'll call on this gentleman right here in the pale blue shirt and hopefully that list is not too long. all right. go ahead. intro
-- are we just going to have a couple of us sitting around a table? will anybody be here? my faith in the trade mafia was sustained by the fact we have 150 people signed up which is just about what we had this morning. we have a very successful morning a year ago and i am sure we will this year. we have an excellent panel and i will introduce them in a minute. i would like to make a couple of remarks, stepping back a little bit and seeing trade policy in the larger context. before i do that, i have to remind myself and remind our speakers this morning and you, that with the obama association coming in a huge financial crisis, deep recession since the 1930s, problems in afghanistan, problems in iran, hillary clinton going off the wall yesterday in africa, a couple days ago, it seems like these people have been in office for some time but we have to remind ourselves this is a six month assessment and to be fair to this it ministrations, ron kirk, u.s. trade representative, still doesn't have his full staff. the senate is holding up one of its key employment. preliminary judgments can
all night. she joins us now. a couple of people are in serious trouble here with the faa? >> right, john. one employee wasn't even in the building where he was supposed to be. the other on the telephone. this alleged bad behavior came to light in the ntsb's crash investigati investigation. >> reporter: as investigators studied the amateur video to find out what led to the terrifying midair crash over the hudson, there's more stunning information. an air traffic controller who was handling the piper airplane was on the phone with his girlfriend at the time with the crash according to a source with knowledge with the investigation. what the faa calls in a statement, "inappropriate conversations." and there's more. the faa says the air track controller's supervisor was not in the building at the time as required. >> put in the tower to do the job. if they're not doing the job, people can die. and in this case, apparently they weren't doing the job. >> reporter: our source says the air traffic controller had cleared the plane for takeoff from teterboro airport in new jersey before talk
it all out for us. >> reporter: brian, tonight this driver's union says she was the first casualty of metro's zero tolerance policy. they charge the agency acted too fast and are urging she be allowed back to work. a blogger says he shot this picture of a metro bus driver on her cell phone behind the wheel late last month and at the time metro's general manager seemed to be saying that driver would be out the door. >> yes, we have been able to identify the individual who's involved and we will take the appropriate action. and the action for speaking on a phone or texting on the inate termination. >> reporter: but her union says not so fast. the group claims the driver had to use her cell phone to call in a malfunction because her radio was broken and says there should even be a recording of the call. the union denies the bus was moving and s ymetro jumped the gun saying, quote, "reported incidents of cell phone use by employees should be investigated fully prior to taking any disciplinary action." some passengers we talked to agree. >> i think they acted too quick because of -- [ i
in iran. and gloria ruben stars on the legal drama "raising the bar." we're glad you joined us, biz stone and actress gloria ruben, coming up right now. tavis: this is the cofounder of twitter which has become a cultural and social phenomena around the world, as if you didn't know. and biz was named to the list of the 100 most flual people in the world. last week when twitter crashed, following a hacker's attack, it became one of the biggest stories on the planet in a matter of hours. biz stone is here. glad to have you here. how you doing? >> excellent. >> you survived the crash. >> we did. >> what have you learned on this side of the crash? >> this is what is called a denial of service attack. it is pretty common on the the internet. it is not going away anytime soon. what we learned, you got to tune your systems to handle this scale of assault. we spent 200 catching up with the popularity of twitter, getting there technically so we're stable and along comes this massive attack -- we learned a lot from it. we worked behind the scenes from folks from google and other companies to figure
ladies said, don't leave us here like this. tell somebody what is going on here. at the know how they treating you. -- let them know how they treating you. >> we left a message. it when we called back a third time, we were told he left the hospital. >> the united medical center used to be greater southeast hospital, primarily serving people east of the river. there in the process of renovating several areas of the hospital. >>> it to metro bus -- two metro bus drivers have been fired. he refused to let a customer off the bus, and the second was arrested on july 30 for driving with a suspended license. a third operator was photographed using a self on the bus. we have since learned at she was reporting a mechanical problem. she was not fired, but was reconstructed on operating procedure. -- reconstructed -- reinructed. >>> the flames started spreading at the dairy farm about two hours ago. all of the animals were ablto escape. >>> it is official, michael veeck is back in the nfl after weeks -- michael vick is back in the nfl after weeks oafter his jail release. >> i made a horribl
. yes, the new defense to criminal and civil charges -- mommy used anbesol. that's right. the over-the-counter toothache gel they say made her plow into another car, killing eight. >> breaking news in the case of the tragedy on the taconic, the "new york post" says schuler was taking the drug anbesol or for a toothache and that's what caused her blood alcohol level to be twice the legal limit. >> the operator of the 2003 ford -- the autopsy was performed. the operator of the 2003 ford van was responsible for this crash. the toxicology and autopsy shows diane schuler had a blood alcohol content of.19%. >> i go to bed every night knowing, my heart is clear. she did not drink. she is not an alcoholic. >> in addition, the autopsy revealed that diane schuler had approximately six grams of alcohol in her stomach. alcohol that had yet to be metabolized. >> i'm not saying that test is wrong here, but something had to happen. this is not a woman who would jeopardize five children. >> toxicology also reveals that diane schuler had a high level of thc. in her blood. thc is the active ingredie
-going u.s. debate over health care reform; a look at a report on how budget constraints may ground u.s. manned space flight; a rare inside view of the taliban as american military operations expand in afghanistan; the analysis of mark shields and david brooks; and excerpts from an 11-year-old reporter's white house interview with president obama. major funding for the newshour with jim lehrer is provided by: >> what the world needs now is energy. the energy to get the economy humming again. the energy to tackle challenges like climate change. what is that energy came from aç energy company? everyday, chevron invests $62 million in people, in ideas-- seeking, teaching, building. fueling growth around the world to move us all ahead. this is the power of human energy. chevron. intel. supporting math and science education for tomorrow's innovators. the atlantic philanthropies. and with the ongoing support of these institutions and foundations. and... this program was made possible by the corporation for public broadcasting. and by contributions to your pbs station from viewers like you. t
vick returning to the nfl as a philadelphia eagle. dan hellie joins us now with more on what this means and vick is talking now. >> yes. turnout at the eagles practice facility, largest in years. nearly 100 media members and two dozen cameras soft spoken and remorsef remorseful. michael vick talking about his return to the nfl. vick is back in theame after serving 18 months in federal prison for his involvement in dog fighting. the eagles say there will be no third chances for vick. if he screws up, he's gone. and animal rights groups already set billboards by the stadium blasting the signing of vick and the headline in today's philadelphia paper -- hide your dogs. as for vick he was saying all the right things. >> i was wrong for what i did. everything that happened at that point in time in my life was wrong. and, you know, unnecessary and, you know, to this day, i can't understand why i was involved in such pointless activity. and why did i risk so much at the pinnacle of my career and i was naive to a lot of things. but i figure if i can, you know, help more animals than i hurt, then
're looking at a weather repeat from yesterday. thanks for joining us, i'm steve chenevey. >> and i'm claudia coffey. tony will have the weekend forecast in a minute. >>> but looking ahead. you may not have heard of nassau tracking the potential asteroids heading to earth so should we worry. the latest coming up. >>> and band slam hits theaters today and one of the stars grew up near d.c. and he's going to join us live in the 8:00 hour. >>> and the redski are back, but it didn't look like they showed up for the matchup with the ravens. we have the highlights from the beltway beatdown coming up. >>> first let's check in with tony for an update on the forecast this morning. >> good morning steve and claudia. steve summed it up quite nicely. if you liked yesterday, you'll like today. it will almost be a carbon copy. if anything, it will be sunnier today. let's look at the satellite radar. we have some clouds south and st and there is some ipprioecitt precitation across southern portions of acthef chesapeake and the potomac. including a heavy rainfall. that looks like down near mt. vernon, heavy
health service as a move to the center of the controversy in the u.s. over barack obama'proposeds health-care reform be and the president tries to regain. his opponents are trying to cite the british model as the way not to do it. -- barack obama's proposed health-care reform. the president tries to recover. >> president barack obama and his family said it off for another town hall-style debate on health care, but as america has wrestled with how to solve the problems with its largely insurance-based system, public systems elsewhere have been coming under fire. >> what we need to do is come up with a uniquely united way of providing health care, so i am not in favor of a canadian system. i am not in favor of a british system. i am not in favor of a french system. >>çç some have been less diplomatic. >> your health care now has stopped. >> the strongest feature is of a government-run system, even though that is not really what has been proposed -- your health care has sucked. >> they keep saying to not to the health plan because it does not do anything. >> who says that? >> on the new
guarding the day is strong. u.s. equity futures. will you do it? thanks, mac. there it is. at "squawk box" begins right now. nice work. >> good morning, everybody. welcome to "squawk box" right here on cnbc. i'm becky quick along with joe kernen. carl is out today. we have a few major economic releases on the agenda today. we're going to be starting at 8:30 eastern time with july's consumer price index. yes, that's right, the cpi is coming out today. and economists are looking for the headline number on cpi to be unchanged. the core component is seen ticking higher by 0.1%. people are going to be watching this closely, though, to see where inflation stands along the way. coming up at 9:15, we're got industrial production. and then at 9:55, consumer sentiment. so plenty of numbers for these markets to chew over as we head into the weekend. >> biggest number may be tiger, but we'll talk about these government things, too. we've got the pga president coming on later today to talk about the longest course in history, in the hour of a major long, almost 7,700. tim geithner sees good signs in t
to put the message out to people who haven't contacted them in any way. therefore, they're using a.o.l. the same way that a spammer would be. >> benjamin said he received the axelrod letter as a popup by the a.o.l. service. he doesn't like popups of any kind and not from the white house on healthcare. >> i'm not particularly interested in hearing from david axelrod. >> the white house has asked americans to send any fishy comments they have heard in the healthcare debate. the civil liberties union said it is not concerned about people receiving unsolicited e-mails but is unsettled on anyone who receives e-mails on dissent. >> if the white house is creating a list for whatever purpose of people who disagree with the president, that presents real problems. if people know that there is a chance that they will be on such a list, then i think people may feel inhibited in expressing their political views. with respect to people who have received e-mails that have never communicated with the white house, then the real question is how did the white house get those e-mail addresss? that is
horns! of course, that got us splashed all over the newspapers. at a time whenen louis armstrong was on tour in africa, he was banned from south africa because people of african origin who didn't come from south africa could continental come in as endangered servants or migrant laborers. when sidney porirtier came in 1951 they came to south africa as endangered servants of the directors. lieu we armstrong too much influence, but his trumpet came. it made us very famous for most of the year. we appeared in just about every newspaper. then the music community found us and they nurtured us, five of us are still professional musicians today. >> charlie: five from that group. >> yeah.charlie: you stay in touch? >> oh, yeah. we're very good friends. we are all alive. i got meet louis armstrong about six years later when i was in school i went to the grammy awards. and he just said, the one thing you have got never to forget is where you came from. because when i talk, i never finish any sentence without talking about new orleans. >> charlie: new orleans, yes. when you came to the un
think is going to be unheard of in the nfl. >> if they set him on the bench and make us look bad for having somebody like michael vick in town that doesn't do anything for us, it was a stupid signing. >> reporter: the signing left peta outraged. the animal rights group saying they were, quote, disappointed the philadelphia eagles have chosen to sign a man who hanged dogs from trees. vick, who was once the nfl's highest paid player with the atlanta falcons, acknowledged he has a lot of work to do on and off the field. >> playing in the nfl is a privilege and not a right. >> reporter: as the season gets under r under way the, the debate is sure to rage whether it was right to let him play again. kristen dahlgren, nbc news. ff while many are soundin o on this story, o it e, e onbswee, one person writes in day -- na --llfipehiy, trss s nkon >>> a north carolina tv station is reporting former senator john edwards will admit that he's the father of a former campaign worker's child. last august, edwards admitted to having an affair with rooel hunter, a woman that served as a videographe
-mail us or text us at hlntv, all you have to do is start your message with the word prime. it's your chance to be heard. -- captions by vitac -- >>> welcome once again. this is "prime news." i'm mike galanos. a search warrant in the michael jackson death investigation. just released to the public. police and federal drug agents hot on the trial of the powerful potent anesthetic propofol. we now know that's the evidence they're zeroing in on at that las vegas pharmacy that they raided three days ago. dr. conrad murray, personal physician to the king of pop, seems to be the central figure in this ongoing investigation. what's his connection to this pharmacy? do they have the proof they need for criminal charges? we'll take your calls, 1-877-tell-hln. joining me to talk about it, let's welcome back kim for in touch weekly. anita kay, criminal defense attorney and former prosecutor. anita, i'll start with you. it's no surprise they're looking for propofol. but if they connect dr. murray with propofol at that pharmacy in las vegas, does that mean automatic t
that they used in new hampshire. actually, the computer system that they're going to use again tomorrow in grand junction, colorado. but one of the other things i want to bring up here is there were a couple of things that stuck out to me just on the political front. number one is you saw the president ramp up some campaign rhetoric. he almost was trying to sell the audience. i need your help. i got to get you knocking on doors. i got to get you fighting -- he called it fighting the fear. obviously these references to the myths. he also decided to play media critic. he sort of criticized all the cable television for how they've been covering the town halls. and he thanked the one questioner who was clearly an opponent of what he was doing. thanked him for the tone that he took. and then the third thing that i think people ought to take away from this is, i lost count at five the number of personal references to max baucus, the senate finance committee chair. it clears. there may have been about 1,500 people in that audience. in some ways it might have been an audience of one as far as the presid
into the weekend. will we like our weekend weather? meteorologist steve fertig is here to fill us in on those details. good morning, receive. >> good morning, i tell you what, as long as you can deal with the humidity, patrice, you should like the weekend weather. >> i will plan to have a big afro. >> heat and humidity is what is on the way and a big afro, too. let's see what is happening out there, maybe not to me. 73 degrees is where we start today. it's a mild start once again. humidity will be on the increase through the day. you can see the showers moving to the south of us, staying pretty much there. that is where it will be focused southeast because the stationary boundary that lies out there. it will be warming up. 85 by the noon hour. we should get to a high temperature of 85 or 86, about 2 or 3:00 and 81 degrees at 6:00 p.m. you see a shower or thunderstorm indicated at 6:00 p.m. we are lookth the a chance of a shower or thunderstorm, probably more mid afternoon if there's a chance at all. other than that, we're looking at a fog advisory to the north. an advisory even in our state w
their good. second of all, we've already tried this in this country. blue cross-blue shield used to be a non-profit, public company with members running on the board and they got eaten up and killed and crushed by the private insurance industry. most blue crosses today are in an anthem or something like that, which bailiffs exactly like all the other insurance companies. they stick it to you if you get sick, they won't have you if you look sick, they're not really insurance companies anymore. i don't think we want to help anything that does -- that makes it easier for the insurance industry is probably in this bill, is probably not taking us in the direction we want to go. we want the insurance companies to serve us better and not put more money into what they already do. and the long -- in the long range, the co-ops will fail because they'll be too small and they'll get -- the insurance company is going to use their deep pockets to undercut them and force them to practice at a loss. and eventually they will crush them just like they crushed blue cross and there will be no public co-ops. the
, we're going to have to leave it there. thank you. join us again tomorrow night at 5:00 and 7:00 eastern for more "hardball." "countdown with keith olbermann" starts now. >>> which of these stories will you be talking about tomorrow? congratulations, chuck grassley, you just denied counseling to grievously ill people and their heartbroken families. if they want end of life care advice now, they will have to pay for it themselves. it is out of the bill. grassley now boasts he exploited the bipartisan negotiations just long enough to push the health care vote beyond the august recess to enable the chaotic perverted paranoid death panel talk to unfold. congratulations, senator. you just saved the insurance company millions. millions taken out pockets of the people of your state and the people of your age. palin the pathetic refutates her brief visit to reality. she says there were two death panels and that they were orwellian like she knows what that means. april 2008 governor sarah palin proclaimed health care decisions day in alaska to raise public awareness of the need to plan
. we are all sleep deprived and very sick. for sure. >> the nation? >> oh, i was talking about us. okay, the nation. you're right. >> just trying to clarify. >> it was we here on "morning joe." all right. let's get a quick look at some of today's top stories. president obama heads west in his push to reform the health care system. he is set to speak at a town hall meeting where politico reports things could get more rowdy. tickets were handed out on a first come first served basis rather than a random selection by the white house. interesting. that definitely could get interesting. meanwhile, the obama administration is going viral with efforts to dispel rumors on health care sending out a chain e-mail penned by david axelrod. meacham, did you get one? >> i have not gotten one, which wounds me. >> you are wounded. savannah got one. >> well -- >> we'll she'll be on. we'll talk about it. i think it's interesting the town halls are moran domly selected in terms of the people coming. >> it arguably will shake things up. i watched the first one in portsmouth which felt very polite. >> so can
i know. do you feel the same way? good morning. i feel very grateful that you made us part of your routine. i'm robin meade. here's what's going on today. >>> the faa has suspended two air traffic controllers over the deadly hudson crash. we have stunning video of the collision right as it happened. >>> michael vick has a new contract and they're betting big on his contract. >>> this man got attacked from behind by an angry husband trying to protect his wife. >>> two air traffic controllers have been suspended over the deadly midair crash. one was on the phone with his girlfriend after the plane's take offand during the accident. apparently a supervisor wasn't even around. the faa doesn't think their actions contributed to the accident but experts say there is a lot riding on how it handled the investigation. >> we have somebody missing in action, we have somebody e else who's not doing their job. the negligence is there. the only question is whether that negligence had a role in this accident. the faa is saying, well, maybe it didn't, but it stands to lose millions and millions of
have to earn a second chance? what has this guy done other than serving had his time to show us that he's a changed man? i haven't seen anything. >> the eagles will have a news conference friday morning at 11 eastern at the nova care training complex. tony dungy will be there with vick. you can see it. and vick's first practice will be on saturday. >> 5:58. that's how long tom brady played last season. he missed the entire preseason with a mysterious right foot injury. and then safety bernard powell rolled into his left leg in the first quarter of the season opener. for the first time since the knee injury and the pats open for pret season in phillie. this took a back seat to all the michael vick news. brady to chris baker, the former jets and it's 7-0 patriots. ensuing drive, the eagles love to run the screenplay. donovan mcnabb to rookie mccoy. gain of 17 yards. also 10 carries for 55 yards for mccoy. that would lead to a field goal. ensuing patriots drive, brady going deep for randy moss. but it's picked off by shelden brown. brady, however, would shake off mistake. as he played unti
mohammed is never called by patrick fitzgerald in the most important case of his career, u.s. versus bin laden in february of 01. imagine that they called ali and defense attorneys peel back the layers the way i had done in this book three, for how many months before 9/11? maybe someone with that connect the dots. one week after 9/11, he writes out, jacqueline flies to new york and the brink aaliyah from florida where he is thing and he writes, he writes of the whole plot. he had to know. he was in bin laden house training his bodyguards. the principles by about qaeda. get to know the plot because how could he not? the platts began in 94. eve nicki take the 9/11 commission, he had to know. so, how was it that patrick fitzgerald cut a deal with him arrested him in 92 years before 9/11 and never got the plot out of him. that is a question i would like to ask if patrick would show up at a forum on booktv or me me anywhere. 9/11 report, they have a very, here is what they say. the embassy bombings as early as december 93 operatives began casing targets and nairobi. he provided guidance and t
>> yeah yeah yeah. >> you just caught us in the middle of our yeah yeah yeah we're back with more of "today" on this friday morning. the 14th day of august, 2009. that guy right there flo rida just put on a great show for the people packing our plaza this morning. if you missed it, don't worry, there's more music coming up in just a little while. great way to kick off the morning. al along with sara gore. that was fun. >> it was a lot of fun. >> we was going low, low, low. sara was down on the ground. >> i don't think so. not right now. >> no, no, no. >> coming up in this half hour, we'll be talking about something that's really kind of a strange tradition called hoarding. this is where people bring all kinds of useful stuff for the most part, into their house, they clutter up the house, then they have an impossible time getting rid of it. it can really negatively impact their lives. we're going to talk more about that with a woman who is a mother of three, got so bad she was worried about losing her children. >> yeah. and then i'm going to talk about something a little bit on a l
caught using a cell phone behind the wheel. the driver has been on leave since a rider photographed her last month. she use her personal phone to call the control center because her radio wasn't working. there's a zero tolerance policy for cell phone use by drivers. >>> two air traffic controllers on duty during the cash over the hudson river is on leave. >> reporter: two on duty are suspended. one was on the phone with his girlfriend, the other, a supervisor, wasn't even in the building. >> unbelievable. >> reporter: the faa says it probably didn't contribute to the collision over the hudson river, but it's unacceptable. the plane took off from new jersey's airport with the controllers in charge. minutes later, they handed off to a control tower further down the river. >> when you talk about places like the hudson, these are air zones carved out for pilots to fly in with very little in terms of regulation and safety really is depending on the pilot and not the aviation association. >> reporter: 6 people were on board and it just took off here along the hudson river, all nine people
-and-run accident happened in southeast washington on the parkway at stanton road. and megan mcgrath joins us with more. >> this happened very early in the morning, around 2:30. police say a pedestrian was talking in the crosswalk at the intersection of suitland parkway and statten road when he was struck by a car. the car september going. it did not stay at the scene. the police are loong for a driver. >> the road closed in both directions this morning, and lying on the side of the road the body of a pedestrian. he was struck and killed around 2:30 in the morning. the driver kept going. police say the man was crossing when the car slammed into him. >> athis time we don't know if he was crossing against the signal or not, and that's part of the investigation. he was struck in the crosswalk by a vehicle, and he suffered blunt force trauma and was thrown about 120 feet. >> orange paint marks the spot where the victim landed. people say it's sad but not surprising, because cars often fly down this stretch of the highway. >> people are flying. it's a major thorough way into the area. even on the
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